Do Bats in the Attic have Nests of Babies?

When you have San Diego bats in the attic, you need to act swiftly so as to have it handled in the soonest time possible. There are many steps that need to be followed so as to ensure that the whole issue is well covered. You will need to know how the bats are getting to the attic and know where exactly to put the one way device for exclusions. There are different devices that are suitable for different scenarios. These allow the California bats to fly out but not back in.

There is a lot of precaution that have to be done when you are eliminating the California bats from the attic. It is a must to determine whether there are baby bats within. If you leave them in there, it may pose a real issue. It is against the law to leave them all locked up in there. Also, you may find yourself stranded with many baby San Diego bats that may crawl down the walls and then end up dying and rotting which will bring a stink into your living area. The process is made complex due to the fact that the bats can be able to make their way into your home by using very tiny holes.

Usually, a female bat will have one single offspring at a time and there may be no nest in place because in most cases the bats will become independent after a few weeks. However, there may be many bats in the attic and quite a number may be having an offspring. It therefore becomes necessary to ensure that you check for any babies within the attic before you seal off the entire place after removal. Bat colonies will usually find the safest places so as to roost. They are mostly found in caves. However, the bats can still be able to do just well within the attic of your home since it is private and warm. Colonies of San Diego bats may have female bats only. This is called maternity colony.

Every summer, the bat can have a single birth. They have a way of controlling the time of birth so as to make sure that the babies are born at the time when food is in plenty. In the maternity colony, the colony size doubles in a way when babies come and when they are able to fly, you will notice that the population has gone up. If such a colony is living within your attic, you may be stuck with so many baby bats at a time. You need to note that if the San Diego bat issue isn’thandled, you can find yourself stuck with an enormous colony size. When your attic is fully infested, you may have a real issue on your hands.

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