Are Foxes Dangerous to Humans?

Even it is rare to see the animals like the San Diego fox, this does not mean that they are malevolent or dangerous. Whenever the animal has teeth or if it eats other animals, it is not going to be dangerous to other people. Many wild animals do not care too much when it comes to humans and they only invade the California area of the people because their habitat has been already invaded. The foxes are going to leave people alone as far as they are left on their own.

Healthy foxes do not pose any real threat to the humans. Even if the fox can be a nuisance animal when it comes to the small livestock like chickens or sometime it may injure the house cat, the fox is too small and it can shy away instead of being aggressive to the people. Most of the time, the fox may enter under the fence, they may kill some chickens and they will go away before morning. The foxes do not like to hear too much activities going on or too much noise. They are not the animals known to fight but they do run.

However, you have to be aware that there is a exception to the rule. When a fox is stressed out or cornered, the fox can be combative when it feels as if there is no other way out. Even if the trapped San Diego foxes can growl or cower, they are not going to attack offensively. The fox can attack humans when it feels that its babies are at risk. The best way to stay safe is never come between the animals with its babies. You should keep away from harassing the animal near its den regardless the babies are there or not. So far as the matter of animals is concerned, anyone can have a pet animal but no one would like to have an animal that is either dead or wild. So, there are lots of ways through which a person can get rid of the California animals he doesn’t want to keep inside the four walls of the house. The sick fox may be a threat to the humans since the sick fox is not going to be as fearful as it has to be.

There are many diseases that may lead to confusion or disorientation which may increase the aggression and the fear. With an animal, the problem most of the time is not about bruises or laceration but it is about the diseases like rabies which may be spread because of the San Diego animal bites.

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